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Here’s How You Can Get a Fast Metabolism with No Effort

By November 22, 2017 November 29th, 2017 Uncategorized
fast metabolism

Over one-third of Americans suffer from obesity. Although many people are overweight due to illness or a physical condition, many simply have a slow metabolism.

This is extremely frustrating, especially when you see people with fast metabolisms eat whatever they want and stay thin.

Having a slower metabolic rate could be a result of a number of things, many of which we can’t control. However, there are ways to speed up your metabolism and make the weight loss process easier.

Educating yourself is the first step. Let’s look at some proven ways you can kick-start your metabolism.

A Protein-Rich Diet

Every time you eat, there’s an increase in your metabolic rate. This process is the Thermic effect of food.

When you eat protein, this effect is much stronger than after eating fatty foods or carbs.

Protein actually increases metabolism by 20 to 30%. On the other hand, fat and carbs only cause a 3 to 10% increase.

A fast metabolism means that your body is getting rid of calories. More protein and fewer carbs will help shed pounds and prevent gaining it back after it’s gone.

A high protein diet will also help offset the loss of muscle mass associated with weight loss.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

It may surprise you, but not getting enough sleep is directly related to problems with weight and metabolism. This is even the case for people who get good exercise and eat well.

It turns out that when you don’t sleep well, several different hormones get scrambled. These hormones can slow down or stop fat loss.

If you’re not sleeping enough, you need to take measures to get more shuteye. This will help attain a fast metabolism and promote your general well-being.

Try to restrict caffeine to the morning hours. You also want to avoid drinking alcohol during the hours before bedtime.

It’s also extremely important to avoid eating anything at least three hours before bed. If you’re still having issues, talk to a doctor.

Stay Hydrated

If you want a fast metabolism, it can be as easy as drinking more water.

Drinking water leads to an increase in the number of calories burned. This process in the body is water-induced thermogenesis.

The temperature of the water you drink also has an impact. Cold water causes the body to work harder to warm it to body temperature. This, in turn, burns calories.

Drinking around sixteen ounces of cold water could cause anywhere from a 5 to 30% increase in the number of calories burned.

Drinking water before meals will also help to fill you up and decrease how much you eat. If you don’t like plain water, there’s now calorie-free flavoring on the market that will make it more appetizing.

Don’t Try to Starve the Pounds Away

We usually associate weight loss with eating less. And while this helps, eating too little can keep you from having a fast metabolism.

When you completely restrict caloric intake, it reduces the number of calories burned. The result? Your metabolism will actually slow down.

This is the body’s “starvation response.” It’s a defense mechanism against us potentially starving to death.

An intake of fewer than 1,000 calories a day leads to a drop in metabolism. After a period of weight loss is over, this slow metabolism may stick around.

A fast metabolism relies on caloric intake. It’s all about the type of calories you’re consuming.

Get a High-Energy Start to Your Day

Skipping breakfast because you’re in a rush could be costly if you’re trying to lose weight. Eating a good breakfast in the morning kick-starts your metabolism.

A good breakfast also helps keep your energy up for the rest of the day.

You want to go for a protein-rich morning meal. Carbs will raise insulin levels and make you feel sluggish. They can even make you feel hungry again very soon.

Instead, try low-fat yogurt, eggs, or a lean meat product. Protein bars are a good option if you don’t have much time.

It’s also a good idea to drink water in the mornings.

Tea and Coffee Can Help

If you want a fast metabolism, you may try adding tea and coffee to your diet. Just remember to keep caffeine consumption to the early hours.

Teas help convert fat into free fatty acids. This helps aid in fat burning.

Teas are typically low in calories, so they are good for weight loss as well. Green or oolong teas are good choices.

Caffeine in coffee stimulates the central nervous system. This helps give your metabolism a boost. A cup in the morning with a high-protein breakfast is a great way to get give your body a quick start.

More Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish such as tuna, herring, and salmon contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids. But why do these fatty acids help with a fast metabolism?

Omega-3s help to balance blood sugar levels and cut down inflammation. This helps to regulate your metabolism.

These fatty acids also help reduce resistance to leptin, a hormone that has been linked to the fat burning process.

If you’re not a big fan of fish, take omega-3 fatty acid supplements. You can also try walnuts, flaxseed oil, or eggs that contain omega-3s.

Add Some Intensity to Your Workout

Speeding up your metabolism may mean you need to step it up at the gym.

The next time you exercise, try increasing the intensity in short bursts. Try 30 seconds of vigorous exertion and then return to normal.

This can work with whatever your desired workout is. A treadmill is great for regulating high-intensity workouts.

When you do this, you consume more oxygen and burn more energy. This trains your body to burn calories efficiently throughout the day.

Fast Metabolism and Weight Loss Solutions

Losing weight and speeding up your metabolism go hand-in-hand.

The suggestions above are meant to help attain faster metabolic rates, but with that will come weight loss.

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