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Clean Eating for Weight Loss

By December 19, 2018 Uncategorized
clean eating for weight loss

Are you looking for a guaranteed way to lose weight?

If your New Year’s resolution is to shed some pounds, you may already have ideas for new exercise and eating plans. Or maybe you’re tired of hitting the gym and subscribing to yet another diet program.

Whatever the case, we’ve got a solution for you. It’s time to explore what clean eating can do for you and your weight loss goals.

Read on to learn more about clean eating for weight loss so that you can achieve your healthy resolutions this New Year!

1. Understand What Clean Means

The first step in embracing clean eating for weight loss is understanding what “clean” is all about. That word gets tossed around a bunch, especially when it comes to weight loss plans.

Eating clean means fueling yourself with food that is healthy, energizing, and crammed with nutrients. It means eliminating food that doesn’t maximize your own potential, support all of your systems, and help you keep a healthy weight.

Clean eating is also a safe way of eating. It doesn’t involve processed foods, chemicals, and anything that may harm you or your health goals.

Eating clean also means eating things that make you feel good–and we’re not talking about the “good” you feel after eating a brownie.

We’re talking the good you feel when you’re fueled by nutrients, vitamins, and the right kind of calories.

In this way, clean eating for weight loss doesn’t mean a new diet plan. It means choosing the right foods that can help you maximize your weight loss goals.

2. Maximize Your Greens

One of the first things to take charge of when it comes to clean eating for weight loss is upping your intake of leafy greens. This includes kale, arugula, spinach, and darker greens.

These greens are jam-packed with nutrients, vitamins, and water to help you feel energized throughout the day. You’ll also relish the high intake of antioxidants and other immune boosters that occur naturally in leafy greens.

This doesn’t mean wolfing down a salad three times a day. Slip some spinach in a breakfast smoothie, add some arugula to your omelet, or saute some kale for a dinner side.

3. Avoid the Language of Bad and Good

With some diets, you may actually be hindering your weight loss goals. This is because a lot of diets phrase things in terms of “bad” and “good.”

This paradigm can actually encourage feelings of guilt or shame in participants. It can even develop eating disorders.

Unfortunately, a lot of foods have been labeled as “bad” in the realm of diet talk. Let’s take carbs, for example. A lot of diets identify carbs as the bad guys.

But in reality, complex carbohydrates provide important fuel for your brain. Without consistent supplies of whole grains–huge carriers of complex carbs–you may actually be doing your neurons a disservice.

When it comes to clean eating for weight loss, there are definitely foods that aren’t as clean as others. But stay away from the language of “bad” and “good.” Embrace what’s clean instead, and choose feelings of empowerment, excitement, and encouragement.

4. Up Your Water Intake

Water is essential to so many biological processes in your body, and increasing your water intake can actually speed up these processes and help you lose weight.

What’s more, water can help improve your skin, release and flush out toxins in the body, and boost energy levels. It’s important to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, if not more.

Try carrying around a water bottle wherever you go. Drink sparkling water– sugar-free of course–if you have trouble drinking regular water.

5. Choose Fewer Ingredients

Clean eating for weight loss also means watching what you put into your body. When buying things at the grocery store, choose foods that have as few ingredients on the label as possible.

What’s more, if you can’t pronounce one or two of these ingredients, don’t put it in your cart. Processed foods will have a lot of chemicals with complex names in them–you don’t want to put these in your body.

Fewer ingredients mean less processed foods, which will be easier on your digestive system and ideal for your weight loss goals. It also means more honest and more delicious food!

6. Explore Vegetarian and Vegan Options

You don’t have to go full vegetarian to eat clean. But when exploring clean eating for weight loss, try exploring more vegetarian and vegan meal options.

This could mean devoting one day a week to a full vegetarian or vegan diet. This can eliminate how many processed foods you are consuming and ensure you are reaping the benefits of meat–rather than negatively impacting your weight loss goals.

Vegetarian diets are also ideal because of their emphasis on natural proteins and dense nutrients. Fill your day with healthy proteins like beans, nuts, whole grains, and quinoa. Supplement vegan dishes with leafy greens, avocado slices, and lentils.

7. Eat Close to the Earth

The closer your foods are to their sources, the cleaner they are for you. This doesn’t mean going out and eating only raw foods, although incorporating more “raw” in your diet can only help.

It means prioritizing foods that don’t need a lot of processing or dressing up to eat. For example, explore Lara Bars as a healthy granola bar alternative. These bars simply consist of dates and nuts.

Clean eating for weight loss means consuming foods that are free of chemicals, processed sugars, and more. It means eating foods that are close to the earth.

Clean Eating for Weight Loss

You can achieve your weight loss goals simply by changing the way you eat. What’s more, you can eat your way to a healthy weight and feel amazing while doing it.

Clean eating for weight loss doesn’t have to involve a diet book or calorie counting. Begin by understanding what clean really means. Then incorporate more leafy greens and water into your diet, choose foods with fewer ingredients, and opt for a vegan meal every once and a while.

At the end of the day, clean eating can help you build a healthy lifestyle that cultivates real joy in eating close to the earth.

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