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How to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey

By August 10, 2021 Health
fitness journey

Obesity rates in the United States are increasing, with over 40% of American adults being overweight. With the ease and convenience of junk food, is it any wonder that so many of us are struggling to maintain healthy eating habits? 

Once you’ve decided to make a change, your lifestyle may need an entire overhaul. From healthy eating and cooking habits, to exercise, sleep, hydration, and supplements, it can seem like a momentous task to begin.

Do you need help to kickstart your fitness journey? Then be sure to keep on reading for our top tips to help you out!

1. Set SMART Goals

To make a new fitness and healthy lifestyle stick, you need to define your goal. Is it a certain number on the scale? Lifting a specific weight? Completing a 10k? 

When you’re looking to start your fitness journey, begin by defining what you want to accomplish. A SMART goal is an excellent way to help you think through the specifics. 

SMART is an acronym for narrowing the scope of your goals. It stands for:

Specific – Your goal should be clearly defined, not vague. 

Measurable – How will you track whether or not you’re making progress? 

Attainable – Are you able to accomplish your goal? 

Relevant – How does your goal fit into the rest of your life and why is it important? 

Timely – What is the time frame to accomplish your goal? 

A great example of a SMART goal would be along the lines of, “I want to lose 15 pounds by running three times a week, limiting myself to 1500 calories a day, and lifting weights twice a week. I will achieve this in 2 months.”

By getting detailed, you’re helping create parameters for your goal and holding yourself accountable for achieving them. A “lose weight” or “workout more” target is unclear and easy to put off. 

2. Find a Fitness Routine That Sticks

There are so many possibilities when it comes to working out. You don’t have to stick with one routine or type of exercise. Otherwise, you may lose interest and motivation. 

Perhaps you decide to join a fitness class so you can have others around to motivate you. If you like an exercise routine that allows you time by yourself, then join a local gym. 

The truth is, if you have fun with your fitness routine, you’re more likely to stick to it. 

3. Focus On The Positive

Positive thinking has lasting impacts on your mental health and stress levels. And when it comes to healthy habits, it’s easier to persevere through struggles when you practice positive self-talk. 

Don’t tell yourself, “This is too hard” or “I’ll never reach my goal weight.” This negativity is more likely to cause you to self-sabotage! 

Instead, retrain your brain to focus on what you can control. Try saying, “This is difficult, but I can keep going.” Or even, “It may be taking longer than I thought, but I’m making progress.” 

Your mental and physical health will benefit when you take control of your thoughts.

4. Think Long-Term

Changing your lifestyle and focusing on healthy nutrition does not take place overnight. In fact, some habits can take several months before they become second nature. 

Starting too quickly out of the gate can lead to burnout, which can lead to quitting almost as soon as you’ve begun. It’s a good idea to start with an initial fitness assessment and record where you’re beginning. 

Recording your progress is an excellent way to monitor your progress over time. Start by weighing yourself first thing in the morning without any clothes on. Next, set a timer for one minute and see how many pushups you can complete. You can also check your core strength by completing planks and seeing how fast you can run a mile. 

This initial test will help you see where you may need to focus to reach your fitness goals. Not only will this help shape your SMART goals, but it will also be a great piece of data to look back on as you progress. 

Complete a new fitness test at regular intervals. Make sure you record your results each time so you can see your improvement in each area. Seeing your growth will help keep you committed and dedicated toward your long-term target!

5. Make An Investment

There are plenty of ways to work out without spending money. Outdoor activities like running or walking are great options, as are bodyweight or HIIT workouts

But sometimes you need to spend a bit of money to help you take your goal seriously. This can be some simple dumbells, kettlebells, good shoes, or a yoga mat. 

You can also think bigger and invest more to help you reach your goal. A personal trainer, workout subscription, or ChiroThin dietary supplement may help provide the push you need to stay consistent. 

6. Celebrate Your Wins

When you’re taking your health and wellbeing seriously, it can end up feeling grueling. Make sure you take time to celebrate your victories, large and small. This can be a pound lost, a minute faster on your run, or a milestone weight you’ve lifted. 

Take some time to congratulate yourself! Buy a new pair of shoes or make plans to get together with a friend. Just make sure you’re not using unhealthy food to reward yourself. Otherwise, you may find yourself sliding backward. 

Also, be sure not to beat yourself up when you do slip back into bad habits. Eating more calories than you planned or giving in to a sugar craving are not reasons to scrap all your efforts. Instead, focus on making your next choice a healthy one. 

Start Your Fitness Journey Today!

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can always make a small change today. You are able to change your exercise and eating habits by taking one small step each day! 

If you’re eager to get started with a healthier lifestyle, there’s no reason to wait. Find a ChiroThin doctor near to you to help get started. Your health is worth it!

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