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5 Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

By March 16, 2022 weight loss
exercises you can do at your desk

Did you know that the average person spends 90,000 hours—which equals one-third of their lifetime—at work? That’s one-third of your life that you won’t be able to spend on other aspects, such as your health and fitness.

But what if there were a way to hack it all? Of course, you want to prioritize a good workout each day, but what if you could do some exercises while you worked? Even a few moderate exercises can make a world of difference!

See below for a list of exercises you can do at your desk. Prioritize these from time to time to assist your weight loss goals!

1. Lunges

Did you know that lunges are one of the best overall exercises? Contrary to popular belief, they don’t just benefit your legs, they can also:

  • Boost the flexibility of your hips
  • Increase your core’s stability
  • Improve your overall body function
  • Improve your balance (reduce clumsiness)
  • Enhance the health and alignment of your spine

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, you can gain all of these benefits by fitting a few lunges into your workday. Best of all, they can be done very quickly; body lunges are just as beneficial as weighted lunges.

To expand on that, there are two different lunges you can perform: forward lunges and side lunges. 

To perform forward lunges, simply stand up straight and place your hands on your hips—make sure your back is straight and you’re looking forward. Take a step forward and lunge down until the knee on your back leg is one inch from the ground, then go back to the starting position. Do 10 to 15 reps on one leg, then perform the same with the other leg.

For side lunges, stand up straight, but with your legs shoulder-width apart. Take a step outward with one foot and lunge down until the other leg is parallel with the floor. Do this 8 to 10 times with one leg, then move to the other leg.

2. Desk Push-Ups

First things first, make sure that your desk is sturdy enough before performing this exercise, preferably pushed up against a wall or with a very stable foundation.

For those of you that want to avoid being “that person” that does floor push-ups in the office, here’s the solution: desk push-ups. They also don’t have as much resistance, making them easier to perform than floor push-ups.

To perform this exercise, stand about two or three feet from the desk, then place your palms flat on the desk’s surface. As you lower your chest closer to the desk, keep your head up, back straight, and core engaged. Push back up until your arms are straight to complete one rep. We recommend doing 3 sets of 20 reps each day; twice a day if you’re feeling up to it!

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3. Oblique Twists

Some at-office exercises don’t even require you to get up from your chair! If you have a desk chair that swivels, this exercise can be done between emails, phone calls, etc. 

Simply sit upright in your chair and face straight forward. Put your hands on the front of your desk with your arms fully extended. Keep your torso facing forward while you slowly spin your chair as far to the left as possible, then bring it back to the position. Repeat this for 10 to 12 reps, then do the same thing by spinning your chair to the right side. 

If your chair doesn’t swivel, then don’t fret! Simply stand up tall, bend your arms in front of you and turn your torso while you keep your legs and hips pointed straight ahead.

4. Calf Raises

Calf muscles are the unsung heroes of the human body. Without them, your body wouldn’t be able to walk, run, or jump. Heck, you wouldn’t even be able to stand up straight without toppling over!

You can improve the functionality, strength, and tone of those calves by performing a few calf raises at your desk.

Stand up straight and place your hands on the top of your chair (for balance). Simply raise your heels off the floor and reach as high up on your toes as possible. Hold at the top for 1 full second before slowly lowering your heel back to the floor. Do 3 sets of 12 reps for this exercise.

5. Wall Sits

Be warned: this is the most intense in-office exercise we’ve mentioned thus far. How intense? Let’s just say you won’t want to perform these before a big meeting.

To perform wall sits just place your back on a wall and slide down until your hips and knees are at the same level (as if you were sitting on an invisible chair).

Timing is everything for this exercise. For beginners, try holding this pose for 3 sets of 30 seconds. If you’re a savvy vet, then shoot for 3 sets of 60 seconds.

Use These Exercises You Can Do At Your Work Today

Now that you have seen a list of exercises you can do at your desk at home or work, there’s only one thing left to do: try them for yourself! Mix it up to keep you on your toes (pun intended). 

Are you ready to get started on the path to a healthier you? Click here to find a ChiroThin doctor in your area.