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The Surprising Health Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

By February 10, 2021 Health
yoga and meditation

1 out of 3 Americans deal with extreme stress.

Between a global pandemic, work, and just about anything else, our bodies and minds are burdened. Stress and depression can lead to unhealthy coping habits. Many people have stopped regularly exercising and tend to find themselves grabbing at their snacks too often. 

A great way to combat these unhealthy cycles is by investing in a yoga and meditation routine. Centering the mind is a great way to strengthen your physical and mental health. 

Keep reading below to discover the amazing benefits of yoga and meditation. You’ll be surprised at what good it’ll bring into your life.

Treat Your Body

There are plenty of body benefits that come out of a regular yoga routine. It shouldn’t be viewed as a chore because you’re giving your body the attention it deserves. 

When we’re stressed, we hold a lot of tension in our muscles. This can result in discomfort and shooting pain. By taking the time to slowly stretch our muscles, we’re able to release a lot of what our body is holding onto. 

Try a cat/cow stretch or a sinking heart pose. Don’t rush your yoga process. Flow to the speed that feels most natural for your body. 

Not only does yoga release muscle tension, but it also helps with things like digestion, migraine relief, and heart health. Your body will start running more smoothly, and you’ll be able to approach each day with confidence. 

Ease Your Mind

Not only does yoga help your body, but it also does wonders for your mind. The two are more connected than you think!

As you sink into your yoga practice, you’ll find that it’s easier to concentrate on the moment. Block out all of your racing thoughts from the day. Don’t worry about what your boss said to you. 

By strengthening your mind in yoga, you’ll be able to process emotions more effectively throughout the day. You’ll feel your stress and depression levels decrease, and your problems will seem much more manageable. 

At the end of the day, you’ll also notice you’re able to sleep much more soundly. Going to bed with a relaxed mind is crucial for a good night’s sleep. 

What is Meditation?

Before diving into the benefits of meditation, it’s important to understand what meditation is. Many people overcomplicate it. 

Meditation is using a set of mental tools to strengthen awareness and focus in your life. People use meditation techniques to help set their intentions or to manifest aspects of their reality. Other people use it as a tool for greater peace and mindfulness. 

Starting a meditation practice isn’t easy because our minds are used to constantly running. We’re also used to judging and analyzing all thoughts. In meditation, it’s crucial to acknowledge your thoughts but to offer no judgment.

If you want to start a meditation practice, find a quiet place to sit. Close your eyes, and pay close attention to your breath. Allow yourself to relax and continuously bring your attention back to your breath if your mind wanders. 

You can incorporate meditation into your yoga routine or find other times in the day. Do what works best for you.

Benefits of Meditation

Just like yoga, there are tons of benefits to meditation. 

One major benefit is gaining a greater sense of self-awareness. You’ll start to notice opportunities around you, and you’ll have a greater understanding of obstacles standing in your way. Your meditation practice may even reveal answers to your problems. 

Your body will also be more relaxed, and your mind will be able to respond to stress in a much healthier way. Because of this, you’ll notice more stable blood pressure and fewer body pains.

It’s a Snowball Effect 

Less stress and a better feeling body are great, but there’s more! Yoga and meditation practices snowball into many other pockets of your life. 

Because you’ll be less stressed, you’ll be able to approach each day with more motivation. This means you’ll be more motivated to get work done and hit the gym. Each day, your body will become stronger. 

A healthier mind brings along the desire for a healthier life, especially when it comes to your diet. You’ll find your body craving fresh vegetables, plenty of water, and lean protein. Don’t deny your body these healthy habits. 

Start Slow

Making tons of changes to your routine at once can easily lead to burnout. It’s challenging to develop a disciplined lifestyle so start with baby steps. 

Start off by promising yourself you’ll meditate for at least 5 minutes per day. You can also practice yoga for 10 minutes each night before you hop into bed. As you become more comfortable with the routine, bump up the frequency or duration. 

When it comes to developing an overall healthier life, challenge yourself to go for a small walk around your neighborhood each day. Find fun ways to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your usual recipes.

What If Yoga Isn’t Enough?

For many people, yoga and meditation aren’t the answers to all of their stress. They are simply tools they use for extra help.

If you feel your stress is becoming too much, seek out a therapist. They’ll be able to give you other mindfulness techniques you can use on top of yoga and meditation. You might find that keeping a journal or attending group therapy is beneficial for your healing. 

Seeking professional help can be scary, but you should never feel ashamed to do so. Spend some time checking out local therapists. 

Happy Healing: Yoga and Meditation 

As you can see above, there are plenty of benefits of yoga and meditation. All it takes is the desire for healing. 

Yoga and meditation both help release muscle tension and allow you to approach stressful situations in a healthier way. They are great tools to use if you’re looking to improve your lifestyle by strengthening your body and mind. 

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