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Empty Stomach Workouts: What Are the Benefits of Fasted Cardio?

By April 8, 2021 weight loss
benefits of fasted cardio

Did you know that about 42.4% of individuals in the United States suffer from obesity?

Losing fat is a difficult goal to accomplish without a proper workout and dedication. To get into a healthy lifestyle, you need to start moving your body. A recent trend has risen over the year, with some research stating its effectiveness. 

Fasted cardio is a workout technique that you should try to speed up burning your body fats. Maybe fueling up before exercising may not be a necessity. The efficacy of this technique remains contested, but the decision lies with you. 

Get a feel of fasted cardio before trying it out. Here are some of the risks and benefits of fasted cardio. 

What Is Fasted Cardio? 

A simple explanation of fasted cardio is “doing a workout after not eating for a certain amount of time.” Many fanatics find that a fasted cardio workout can maximize your fat-burning potential.

To truly be in a fasted state, you need to avoid eating anything for about 10 to 14 hours. Depending on your digestive system, you need to make sure your body stops processing food. Once your insulins levels are low, there’s no longer any fuel circulating inside your body. 

The idea is to remove all the stored energy, fat, and glycogen from your body. If you eat anything before working out, your body will burn the energy that you just consumed. You basically tap into your hidden fat stores sooner than working out after a meal. 

A theory of fasted cardio is that cortisol levels are much higher in the morning. Exercising on an empty stomach releases more cortisol. This leads to greater amounts of burnt fat. 

Fasted cardio could be your next short-term technique to help you reach your body goals

The Benefits of Fasted Cardio 

Skeptical to try out this new workout trend? Whether you’re a fanatic or skeptic about fasted cardio, take a look into its benefits. These benefits of fasted cardio may change your mind to try it out today!

Here are a few benefits supported by some research done by scientific websites:

Burns Fat Faster

There is minimal support for fasted cardio. However, some research found that many athletes experienced computable fat loss. This is especially so when athletes fasted during religious holidays.  

Besides athletes, bodybuilders also use this method to lessen body fat before competitions. This is because low-intensity movements below 70% of your heart rate will rely on free fatty acids as fuel. 

Workout out in the morning is the most effective way to lose fat. Research states that you can burn about 20% more body fat when you work out on an empty stomach in the morning. Fasted cardio is a way to force your body to burn fats while exercising with low to medium intensity. 

The more you train while fasting, the more your body will shift from burning fat to glycogen for energy.  

Removes More Stubborn Fat

Everyone struggles with stubborn body fats in one way or another. One factor that makes certain fat more stubborn is the ratio of alpha to beta receptors.

When your fat cells have more alpha receptors, it becomes more resistant. Your body will have a harder time releasing its stored up fatty acids to get burned for energy. On the other hand, more beta receptors mean it’s easier to access your fat cells and burn them for energy. 

Areas with stubborn body fat also get less blood flow compared to other body parts. Blood flow is essential since beta receptors need to get incited to empty their fatty acids. Limited blood flow means you have a lower chance of fat burning hormones reaching fat cells.

Fast cardio has the ability to improve blood flow to your abdominal region. The lower abdominal region is the most common area of your body with stubborn fat. 

With better blood flow, you reach your beta receptors more with a fasted cardio workout. 

Avoid Having An Upset Stomach

Sitting down to have a snack or meal prior to doing cardio can make you feel sick. This can be especially so after eating high fiber and high-fat meals for breakfast. Working out with a full stomach may also cause indigestion, discomfort, and nausea. 

Individuals who can’t handle carbohydrates may also cause them to feel lethargic. If you don’t have enough time to wait for full digestion, it’s best to exercise without eating first. Fasted cardio is the best way you can minimize gastrointestinal stress. 

Body May Perform Better

Some people use this method because it makes them feel better and seems more efficient. It all comes down to preference in the end. After all, some people perform better with food while others can do well while on an empty stomach. 

The Risks Of Doing Cardio While Fasting

Fasted cardio may have its advantages, but it also comes with a lot of risks and setbacks.

One is that you have a decreased training intensity. Your lack of food in your system means your missing fuel for high-intensity exercises. This usually leads to a less produced and more limited training session. 

Note that fasted cardio isn’t for anyone. If you’re vegan or on a strict low-carb diet, your glycogen stores may not be completely full. This increases your chances of experiencing “bonking” and low blood pressure during workouts.

Not only that, but your cortisol may also start rising. Cortisol is your body’s stress hormone that gets released when we see or experience a threat. Both fasting and exercise are a “threat,” as noted by our body. 

Fasted cardio may lead to a prolonged elevation of your cortisol. This may promote fat storage and bring a setback to your fat burning.

Reminder: this is not the workout trend for you if you have any type of health condition. 

Only Go For Fasted Cardio If You’re In A Healthy Condition

Now that you know the risks and benefits of fasted cardio, are you willing to try it? Why not have a talk with our ChiroThin professionals before deciding.

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