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10 Mind-Blowing Statistics About Obesity In the U.S. You Should Know About

By October 15, 2018 Food for thought
obesity facts

Everyone knows that Americans are facing an obesity epidemic, but this fact may startle you. Americans only account for 5% of the world’s population, but 13% of obese people in the world are American. It’s clear that weight management is a serious issue, but how bad can extra weight be for your body?

Living a healthy lifestyle involves making good choices, but educating yourself can be a powerful tool to motivate you. Since 1 in 3 American children are overweight, it’s important to continue this discussion with our youth. Keep reading to learn 10 astonishing obesity facts.

1. Obesity Leads to Dozens of Killer Diseases

You may have heard that heart disease is the number one killer in America, but we can blame obesity for heart disease in many cases. In fact, over 60 serious illnesses have been linked to excess body fat.

Diabetes is another common disease in America. While type 1 is hereditary, the National Library of Medicine reports that almost every person who has type 2 is obese.

2. People Are More Likely to Die from Eating Too Much Than Not Enough

When you were growing up, how many times did you hear about starving kids in impoverished countries? A couple of decades ago, not eating enough food was the biggest concern of the world.

Nowadays, obesity kills more people than starvation. Two-thirds of the population live in countries where they’re more likely to die from weight-related health issues. If you stop to think about it, obesity is an extremely recent and wide-spread threat in human history.

3. Obesity Facts on Healthcare: 21% of Funds Treat Obesity

Obesity rates in America are so high that we spend over $147 billion each year on treating it. If you factor in weight loss programs, you can add another $68 billion. If we spend so much on weight loss, why are people continuing to struggle?

There are several factors that contribute to excess body fat, but poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, and societal standards are the leading causes. In today’s world, we’re always on the go. This means that we sleep less, we eat more processed foods, and we’re too tired to exercise.

4. Millions of Children Are Overweight Before They Start School

One of the most tragic obesity statistics is that children who are just starting to learn about the world are being dealt a horrific hand. The World Health Organization reported in 2016 that 41 million preschoolers are overweight.

Though we may be quick to blame parents for being irresponsible, society doesn’t make it easy to raise healthy children. For parents who work all the time, fast food is an irresistible convenience.

For parents who are struggling to make ends meet, a burger is much cheaper than a salad.

5. Overweight Children Face Many More Health Problems As Adults

To make matters worse, if you were obese as a child, you’re 5 times more likely to be obese as an adult. While damage can be reversed, childhood obesity predisposes people to many severe health consequences for the rest of their lives.

6. Yo-Yo Dieting Is Extremely Dangerous

It’s healthy to lose weight, right? If you can keep it off, definitely.

Obesity in America can be attributed to our quick-fix mindset. Many weight loss companies claim they’ve invented a magic pill or fad diet that will give you the body of your dreams.

The reality is most of these solutions will leave you miserable and heavier than before. When you starve yourself, your body releases tons of water weight, which looks appealing on the scale. While you can manage to survive on a severe calorie deficit for months, you will eventually binge and put your weight back on.

You could look great during your diet, but if you yo-yo diet regularly, you can double your risk of a heart attack and stroke. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to incorporate sustainable changes into your lifestyle.

7. Race and Economic Status Influence Your Weight

The obesity rate in America is biased toward specific demographics. Here are the risk rates of each ethnicity:

  • 48.4% of African Americans are obese
  • 42.6% of Hispanics are obese
  • 36.4% of whites are obese
  • 12.6% of Asians are obese

Obesity targets economic statuses, too. The more money a person has, the more likely they have access to education, healthy food, healthcare, and resources that can help them stay trim.

8. Women Have It Harder Than Men

As if pregnancy wasn’t taxing enough, women have a harder time staying healthy than men. In America, over 40% of women are obese compared to 35% of men. While this 5% difference may not sound like much, be aware that men can burn fat faster than women.

In early human history, when food was scarce, women’s bodies had to be fat storing machines. Thanks to their sacrifice, we’re all alive today. Unfortunately, evolution hasn’t caught up to modern day where there is an endless supply of junk food.

9. The Most Obese States Are in the South

This fact may not surprise you if you’re familiar with southern comfort food. 5 states in America are home to people with a 35% likelihood of being obese, and all of them are in the south.

These are the top 5 states in America with the highest obesity rates:

  • West Virginia: 37.7%
  • Mississippi: 37.3%
  • Alabama and Arkansas: 35.7%
  • Louisiana 35.5%

10. The Thinnest State Still Doesn’t Boast Healthy Figures

If you’re wondering where you should move to have a better chance of fighting obesity, the statistics are grim no matter where you go. Colorado is the thinnest state in the country, but 22.3% of the residents are obese. Other slim states that have an obesity rate lower than 25% include Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii.

While moving somewhere new won’t magically help you shed pounds, a change in environment could help to influence your lifestyle. If you’re surrounded by positive people who shop at farmers markets and walk around the neighborhood, you might be more tempted to join.

Ready to Change Your Life?

Understanding these obesity facts can help you on your journey to a happy, healthy life. ChiroThin Weight Loss is here to make the process easier with sustainable results. For more information on how our program can revolutionize your weight loss efforts, learn more about us.